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Hustle Like A Mother Podcast

Aug 9, 2023

IT'S SEASON FOUR, EVERYONE! This year we are doing quarterly themes - and I'm so excited to bring you the theme for the third quarter: Confidence & Identity. I feel like as we go into the third part of 2023, it's so important to be able to enhance your business with the confidence to move forward in business, really own your identity and seamlessly blend who you are with where you are going. Confidence & Identity is going to encompass confidence in business, taking charge of your earning potential, overcoming doubt and imposter syndrome, and more.

Today's episode is with Alexis Graco, a global coach, having taught over 1,000 female entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, Australia, & Europe how to use systems to gain back 10+ hours per week…living a life in rhythm. We are discussing confidence: we all want it, and some days it feels unattainable. We talk about HOW we gain confidence - and not just “fluffy” ideas around that: actual TANGIBLE things that you can do to build your confidence, and how it relates to the growth of your business. Find Alexis HERE:!